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LoAnne, Mike & Michelle Miller

Marietta, GA, USA

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Basenjis of Distinction - Established 1997

Breeding for Health, Temperament and Quality

We started our research after narrowing the list to 3 breeds and defining the criteria that would impact our decision (i.e. no long coated breeds, shedding, doggy odor, hyper-active, yappy, intelligent, obedient, etc.) How was this breed going to fit with our lifestyle, living accommodations, and what were we prepared to give up for this dog? Bringing a dog into your life is a "big responsibility" and depending on the breed a 10-15 year commitment.

We attended local dog shows, observed the dogs, spoke with the breeders about the dogs we were interested in, and then read all documentation we could find on those breeds. Six months later, we decided the basenji was the breed for us.  In 1997 "Boone", our first basenji joined our family.

The Basenji is NOT a breed for everyone.  They are very cute and attractive with their short fine coats, perk ears and curly tails. They are great for people who have allergies to pet hair and dander.   But, if you are looking for an obedient dog who will "listen" to your every command, this is "not" the breed for you.   Basenjis are independent thinkers and being "hounds" their prey drive is exceptionally strong.

The perfect basenji owner must appreciate the nature of the basenji and possess "a wonderful sense of humor".  

How We Decided a Basenji was the Breed for Us

Contact Us: siennabasenjis@gmail.com

At SIENNA BASENJIS our dogs compete in AKC and UKC conformation dog shows.  We occasionally participate in  ASFA  Lure coursing events.  Our dogs are first and foremost loving pets and part of our family.  

We breed a planned and researched litter every 3 or 4 years.   The research includes breeding to likewise breeders who health test their breeding stock.  Our health testing includes Fanconi, Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (previously known as Hemolytic Anemia), PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) & Hip Dysplasia.

We are Show Breeders, and our primary objective is to breed for the improvement of our line, and "never" for financial gain. We DO NOT sell to brokers, pet shops or backyard breeders, and we reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.

The SIENNA Basenji is an "all around hound" and is bred to be a great companion for the show ring, the coursing field, or best friend to cuddle with you on the couch.   We are members of our National Breed Club: The Basenji Club of America

LoAnne is a retired Executive Assistant, Mike is a retired Maintenance Professional, and Michelle is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Florida.

Celebrating 21 Years with Basenjis